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Cohen Cramer Limited

Suite B1, Josephs Well Hanover Walk Leeds
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Tel: 0113 244 0597





Specialists in

Employment - Disputes - Personal Injury - Crime - Fraud and Regulatory - Inheritance Disputes & Wills and Probate - Property.

Six Specialist Areas. One Focus. You

Cohen Cramer is an experienced law firm specialising in six key areas of legal services.  Our specialisms cover both business and individual clients and, as you’d expect, our dedicated teams consider the specific issues relevant to each type of case. As well as building a good reputation with our clients, our solicitors are recognised in the legal world as experts in their fields. 

The reason we’ve focussed our attention on niche areas of the law is because we firmly believe it’s the only way we can provide the best possible service. We don’t want to be all things to all people; but we do want to be the fount of wisdom for those who really need us. If we were bigger, we’d no doubt be able to extend into more areas, but then we’d risk losing our family feel and team atmosphere. 

We’re also determined to break the mould of the stereotypical solicitors. We’re neither straight-faced, nor straight-laced – although we will tell it straight. We’re approachable, personable and enjoyable to work with. We won’t baffle you with jargon, we’ll explain everything in plain English. While we do our utmost to get the best result for you, we also care about how the process affects you, offering support and genuine compassion along the way.

The Team

Happy, motivated, positive, friendly, compassionate and genuine. We’ll start with the personal characteristics of our team, instead of their professional qualifications because, ultimately, the bond of trust and the supportive nature of our service are the things our clients appreciate most.

Approachable, personable and likeable, our solicitors are a pleasure to work with.

They talk to you like real people too, not like stuffy lawyers but explaining things clearly in plain English so you never feel at a disadvantage. They’re always available on the phone, they’ll come and see you in person when necessary and they’ll be in touch with regular updates.

As well as being caring and supportive, they’re efficient and effective. Each of our teams is dedicated to their specialisms; we don’t share people across departments like some law firms do because it breaks their focus. All of our solicitors are experienced specialists who’ve built outstanding reputations, and many are recognised as experts in their field by the legal world. They’re committed, resourceful, they push for the best possible outcome within the best timeframe, and they’ll fearlessly stand their ground and fight your corner.

We can’t promise our unique combination of specialist advice and genuine compassion without the right people on board. So, we go to great lengths to recruit people who share our ambition to achieve the highest standards of customer service and professional care.

If you identify with our values and beliefs, and have either relevant expertise or a willingness to specialise, we’d love to hear from you.

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