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CV writing tips

Your CV is what any employer will see first. So it's imperative it does the job first time. Follow these essential pointers on creating an excellent CV.

It’s important to never down sell how important your CV is. Its content will be the base of what you talk to your interviewers about. This ensures the meeting will run smoothly and it will enable you to prepare and plan what you will be quizzed on.

Always use brief and to the point bullet points. The person who interviews you will not want to read masses of information.

Highlight all the work experience you have gained and vacation placements you have completed as well as any non legal jobs you've had whilst studying. Be confident discussing the details that are in your CV too, this will enable you to talk with ease about any subject.

Your academic history will need to be detailed in full. If there are any chronological gaps you should provide them with an explanation of what you did. Choose some successes you have had, also the things you’ve enjoyed most.

Always sell yourself through what interests you have outside of work. This will give an interviewer the chance to gauge how you might fit into their team. 

If you would like any further advice on how to put together a great CV, please feel free to email today.